E-04/16 - EFTA Surveillance Authority v The Kingdom of Norway

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Non-compliance with a judgment of the Court establishing a failure to fulfil obligations – Article 33 SCA – Measures necessary to comply with a judgment of the Court

An action against the Kingdom of Norway was brought before the EFTA Court on 2 March 2016 by the EFTA Surveillance Authority.

02/03/16 - Application received from the EFTA Surveillance Authority

04/03/16 - Service of the Application on the Kingdom of Norway. Deadline for the defence: Wednesday, 4 May 2016

03/05/16 - Defence received from the Kingdom of Norway

10/05/16 - Service of the defence on the EFTA Surveillance Authority. Deadline for the reply: Friday, 10 June 2016

11/05/16 - Deadline for written observations from Governments and relevant institutions (cf. Article 20 of the Statute): Monday, 11 July 2016