Invitation to test e-EFTACourt

Dear Sir/Madam,

The Registry of the EFTA Court is pleased to announce that it has developed an electronic case handling system, the e-EFTACourt.  This is similar to e-Curia, the system used by the EU courts.

e-EFTACourt enables secure exchange of case documents from the EFTA Court to external users, and vice versa, and the aim is to over time suppress the use of paper and surface mail (as well as e-mail).

The prerequisites for access to e-EFTACourt are an Internet connection and a valid e-mail address. To use e-EFTACourt you must have a user account provided by the EFTA Court. This account will enable you to: 

       • lodge and receive procedural documents electronically; 
       • consult the history of actions performed; 
       • organise personal details (e-mail address, password, …); 
       • register one or more assistants.  

The e-EFTACourt is accessible via the Internet at:                                           http://remote.eftacourt.int/e_EFTAcourt

You are kindly invited, for new cases only, to test the e-EFTACourt by using it in parallel with the current system (e-mail and paper), and then after a satisfactory test period, the plan is to give the choice of opting for the use of e-EFTACourt only.

Procedurally, the Court will in due time publish a decision in the Official Journal accepting documents electronically as the original, cfr. RoP Article 32.5 i.f. 

To give you an overview of the e-EFTACourt, please refer to the user manual.

If you have any questions or comments, please do not hesitate to contact the EFTA Court registry.