Letter to the panel evaluating the candidates for the position of Norwegian judge on the Court


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EFTA Ministerial Meeting 2016 in Berne


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Visit of President Carl Baudenbacher to the Supreme Court of Norway


On 6 June 2016, President Carl Baudenbacher paid a visit to the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of Norway, Toril Marie Øie. The Chief Justice was accompanied by Justices Magnus Matningsdal and Henrik Bull. Justice Bull is a former Judge of the Court. Matters of mutual interest were discussed and the participants agreed that the relationship between the two courts is a very good one. An invitation of President Baudenbacher to the Supreme Court in corpore to visit the Court in the Spring of 2017 was accepted by the Chief Justice. After the meeting, the Chief Justice hosted a dinner in honour of President Baudenbacher and Dr Doris Baudenbacher-Tandler.

The EEA Single Market - 2016 EFTA Court Spring Conference


On Friday 3 June 2016 the EFTA Court held its annual Spring Conference on the subject „The EFTA Court as a European Single Market Court”. Some 140 participants, amongst them members of the Court of Justice of the European Union, the European Court of Human Rights, the EFTA States’ Supreme Courts, government representatives, practitioners and academics, gathered to discuss topics President Baudenbacher referred to in his opening speech as the “beef” of EEA law. In the morning session, Judge Páll Hreinsson elaborated on „The Key Differences with regard to the Scope of the Fundamental Freedoms in the EU and the EEA“. Dr. Romina Polley, partner at the law firm Clearly Gottlieb, shared her insights by elucidating the role of the EFTA Court as a European single market court in the field of competition law. The afternoon session was commenced by Carsten Zatschler, Director of ESA’s Directorate of Legal and Executive Affairs, who gave a vivid talk on State aid law. Prof. Jeffrey Golden, Chairman of P.R.I.M.E. Finance Foundation, assessed the “The Role of Courts in a Systemic Crisis”, and Prof. Catherine Barnard provided the audience with her insightful views on “Social Policy and the EU referendum in the UK”. The sessions were moderated by the EFTA Court’s legal secretaries Jørgen Reinholdtsen, Marie Cournot, Dag Sørlie Lund and Philipp Speitler.

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Judgment in Case E-24/15 - Walter Waller v Liechtensteinische Invalidenversicherung


Judgment in English and German in Case E-24/15 - Walter Waller v Liechtensteinische Invalidenversicherung, delivered in open Court on 2 June 2016.

Order of the Court in Case E-2/16 - Gerhard Spitzer v EFTA Surveillance Authority


Order of the Court in Case E-2/16 - Gerhard Spitzer v EFTA Surveillance Authority, delivered on 24 May 2016.

Visit of President Carl Baudenbacher to the EFTA Surveillance Authority


On 11 and 12 May 2016, President Carl Baudenbacher visited the EFTA Surveillance Authority in Brussels upon the invitation of President Sven Erik Svedman. He was accompanied by his spouse, Dr. Doris Baudenbacher-Tandler, and his Head of Cabinet, Dr. Philipp Speitler. After talks with ESA President Svedman and the other College Members Helga Jónsdóttir and Frank J. Büchel, President Baudenbacher gave a lecture for the ESA staff on the subject "Homogeneity - Reciprocity - Proportionality - Three Fundamental Principles of EEA Law." (See also http://www.eftasurv.int/press--publications/press-releases/other/2016/05.)

Press Release 05/16 - Case E-19/15 - EFTA Surveillance Authority v the Principality of Liechtenstein

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