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03.12.2018 16:39 Age: 139 days
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Lunchtime talk with Dr. Federico Fabbrini

On 3 December 2018, Dr. Federico Fabbrini, Full Professor of European Law at the School of Law & Government of Dublin City University (DCU), where he is also the founding director of the DCU Brexit Institute, gave a lunchtime talk entitled “Brexit, the Future of EU-UK Relations and the Future of Europe”. In his talk, Dr. Fabbrini initiated a discussion by offering historical perspective on Brexit. In light of that, he proceeded to discuss recent developments in the EU-UK negotiations, in particular the Withdrawal Agreement of 14th and 22nd of November 2018, alongside highlighting some remaining challenges, in particular regarding the Northern Irish border. Finally, Dr. Fabbrini reflected on the future of EU-UK Relations and the future of European integration. His talk was followed by an engaging discussion.