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20.09.2017 18:10 Age: 1 year
Category: 2017

Lunchtime talk with Judge François Paychère

On 20 September 2017, Dr. François Paychère, Judge at the Court of Auditors, Geneva, gave a lunchtime talk entitled, “Is there still a judge in the courtroom (or when artificial intelligence meets the judge)?” In his insightful and thought-provoking exposé, based in part on his experiences at the Council of Europe where he was the president of the working-group on the quality of justice, Judge Paychère discussed the relationship between digitalization and the justice system. Judge Paychère emphasised the ability of modern technology to store and interpret ever-greater caches of legal, personal and factual data, which may lead eventually to “predictive justice”. However, he stressed that this may lead to a paradigm shift both in terms of access to, and the role of, justice, requiring further consideration as to the role of the state and private enterprise in this emerging field. His talk was followed by an enthusiastic discussion.