Speech on the occasion of the visit of the Swiss Federal Supreme Court on 14 February 2012


Speech given by President Carl Baudenbacher on the occasion of the visit of the Swiss Federal Supreme Court.

Visit of the Swiss Federal Supreme Court to the EFTA Court


On Tuesday 14 February 2012, the EFTA Court received a delegation from the Swiss Federal Supreme Court led by its President Lorenz Meyer. Other members of the Swiss Delegation were Judge Ulrich Meyer, Judge Andreas Zünd and Secretary-General Paul Tschümperlin.  The introductory words of the Court’s President can be found here.

The EFTA Judicial System Reaches the Age of Majority – Accomplishments and Problems


Speech given by President Carl Baudenbacher at the EEA Seminar of the EFTA Secretariat on 19 January 2012 in Brussels.

Note by the EFTA Court concerning the Norwegian Report on Norway’s Agreements with the EU


The EFTA Court has today, 27 January 2012, issued a note on the Norwegian Official Report NOU 2012:2 “Outside and Inside, Norway’s Agreements with the European Union”

In the note, the EFTA Court welcomes that the Report’s main thrust is a positive assessment of the EEA/EFTA institutions and the way in which they have worked and fulfilled tasks over the past 18 years. However, the note also contains several remarks on the observations and affirmations found in the Report.

A complete copy of the note is attached.

PR 12/11 - Election of Judge Carl Baudenbacher as President of the Court


In a meeting on 9 December 2011, the EFTA Court judges, Carl Baudenbacher (President, Liechtenstein), Per Christiansen (Norway), and Páll Hreinsson (Iceland) elected a new President.

They elected Carl Baudenbacher for a fourth term as President of the EFTA Court, starting on 1 January 2012 and ending on 31 December 2014.

The EFTA Court consists of three regular judges and six ad hoc judges nominated by Norway, Iceland, and Liechtenstein. Earlier this year, Per Christiansen (Norway), and Páll Hreinsson (Iceland) took office as new judges at the Court. Carl Baudenbacher has been a member of the Court since 1995.

President Baudenbacher to speak at Oslo University


EFTA Court President Carl Baudenbacher gave a lecture at the University of Oslo on 29 September on whether the EFTA judicial mechanism is in need of reform. He also paid a visit to the Supreme Court of Norway and was received by the Secretary General of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Bente Angell-Hansen. President Baudenbacher was accompanied by his wife Doris Baudenbacher-Tandler and by the Court’s Registrar Skúli Magnússon.

President Carl Baudenbacher - Speeches at the public sitting of 12 September 2011


Farewell and thanks to Judge Thorgeir Örlygsson and the introduction of Judge Páll Hreinsson.

Judge Thorgeir Örlygsson’s farewell speech


Speech of Judge Thorgeir Örlygsson at the public sitting on 12 September 2011.

Condolences from the EFTA Court to the Norwegian People (27.07.11)


In a letter to Jens Stoltenberg, Prime Minister of Norway, the President of the EFTA Court, Carl Baudenbacher, has, on behalf of the Court, its judges and staff members, expressed his profound sympathy for all those who have lost their lives in the terrible events in Norway on Friday 22 July, for their relatives as well as for the Norwegian people. "What happened is incomprehensible. I am impressed by the dignity with which the government and the people of Norway face this grave crisis" writes Baudenbacher.

Swearing in of new ESA College Member


The EFTA Court, pursuant to Article 8 of the Surveillance/Court Agreement, held a public sitting on 4 July 2011, for the swearing in of Ms Oda Helen Sletnes as a new college member of the EFTA Surveillance Authority.