A successful Seminar for National Judges in Reykjavík


On 21 February, the Icelandic Judges' Association and the EFTA Court jointly gave a Seminar for Icelandic judges in Reykjavik, on aspects of EEA Law particularly relevant to national judges.

Participants were 30, which accounts for a handsome proportion of the Icelandic Judiciary. Judge Eggert Óskarsson, Chairman of the Icelandic Judges' Association, opened the Seminar by stating the joint intention of the organisers to maintain and reinforce the good relations that have been established, over the past years, between the Court and Icelandic judges.

The Seminar was chaired by judge Benedikt Bogason, vice-chairman of the Association and ad-hoc judge at the EFTA Court. Speakers were Mr. Skuli Magnusson, Registrar of the EFTA Court, Mr. Gjermund Mathisen and Ms. Kristin Haraldsdottir, legal secretaries of the EFTA Court.

In his introduction, Mr. Magnusson stated the Court’s intentions to organise seminars with national judges in the EEA/EFTA States on a regular basis. Indeed, plans for a similar seminar in Norway this autumn, are well under way. Lectures were followed by lively discussion, in which Stefán Geir Þórisson, advocate and veteran in EFTA Court proceedings, participated upon a special invitation of the Judges´ Association.

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